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  • Name: Noopept, GVS-111
  • * CAS #: 157115-85-0
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Product Name: High Purity Noopept

Other name: N-(1-(Phenylacetyl)-L-prolyl)glycine ethyl ester

CAS: 157115-85-0

Molecular Formula: C17H22N2O4

Molecular Weight: 318.37

Assay: 98.0~101.0%

Appearance: White powder with characteristic odor

Noopept powder is one of the most effective and strongest of all the Nootropic supplements on the market today. It has the potential to offer many benefits in terms of improving memory, learning capacity, focus, and concentration. In fact, it is also even being used in other parts of the world as a treatment for more serious cognitive diseases and ailments.