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  • Name: L-theanine
  • * CAS #: 3081-61-6
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Product name:  L-Theanine

Appearance: White crystalline powder

CAS NO.:  3081-61-6

EINECS No.: 221-379-0

Molecular formula: C7H14N2O3

Molecular weight:  174.1977

Test method: HPLC

Theanine (sometimes referred to as "L-theanine") is an amino acid found naturally in green tea. Also available in supplement form, theanine is said to offer a number of health benefits.

Proponents claim that theanine can help with the following health problems:


high blood pressure
high cholesterol
Theanine is also purported to increase concentration, promote weight loss, and boost the immune system.
In addition, some proponents suggest that theanine can prevent stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and some forms of cancer.